8086 Microprocessors Peripherals Notes/Summary for Computer Science Sophomores in Bachelor of Science (Engineering) in US - Free PDF Download


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Feb 23, 2018
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Hi to all BS students having Computer Science and IT Major,

On this page, I am sharing some amazing classroom lecture notes in PDF format on the subject - 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals. The subject 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals is mostly taught in the Sophomore year of the Bachelors of Science (Engineering) course to students having Computer Science or IT major.

I have uploaded these lecture notes and summary on 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals in PDF format for easy downloading below. Here is more info on it:

Subject Name: 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals
Course: Computer Science/ Information Technology Major for Sophomore Year at Bachelor of Science (Engineering) as per US University curriculum
No. of Pages in this notes eBook: 148

Topics covered in 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals lecture notes eBook:
  • Unit 1: Introduction, Microprocessor based computer system, Architecture of 8086 Microprocessor, Pin functions, Minimum / Maximum mode of operation.
  • UNIT 2: Read / Write timing diagrams, 8086 instruction set, Instruction template for data transfer instruction, addressing modes.
  • UNIT 3: Assembler directives, Programming examples.
  • UNIT 4: Linking and relocation, Stacks, Procedures, Interrupt and Interrupt routines, Macros.
  • UNIT 5: DOS interrupt 21H function to read a character from keyboard, Write character to console, Creation of a new file, read/write from/to file Serial / parallel communication. Interfacing devices, Memory devices and interfacing.
  • UNIT 6: 8055 PPI device and interfacing, keyboard, display, ADC, DAC, Stepper motor and Printer interfacing using 8255.
  • UNIT 7: 8279 programmable keyboard/display controller and interfacing, 8253 and interfacing, 8259 programmable interrupt controller and interfacing.
  • UNIT 8: 8257 DMA controller and interfacing, serial communication using 8251 & 8087 Numeric data processor and interfacing, RS 232 serial communication standards
You can download these lecture notes eBook for the subject - 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals for Computer Science Sophomores in Bachelor of Science (Engineering) at an American university by clicking the link below. Cheers!


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