Aerodynamics Summary, Lecture Notes & Exam Review for Aerospace Engineering - Free PDF Download


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Feb 8, 2019
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Hello university students,

My name is Roger and here I am sharing awesome lecture notes and book summary for the Aerodynamics course, taught mostly to students having Aerospace engineering as a major.

These Aerodynamics notes/summary/exam review will help you revise the key topics quickly and get better grades in university exams. The topics are as per the curriculum in most universities across the US.

List of key topics covered in these Aerodynamics lecture notes, summary, exam review:
  • Sensitivity Analysis, Kinematics of a Fluid Element
  • Stress-Strain Relationship for a Newtonian Fluid, Coordination Transformations for Strain & Stress Rates
  • Compressible Viscous Equations, Equations of Aircraft Motion, Aerodynamic Center
  • Quick Visit to Bernoulli Land, Thin Airfoil Theory Summary
  • Force Calculations for Lifting Line , Viscous Flow Stress-Strain Relationship
  • Falkner-Skan Flows, Laminar Boundary Layer Order of Magnitude Analysis
  • Solutions of the Laminar Boundary Layer Equations, Similarity in Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Single Horseshoe Vortex Wing Model, Three-Dimensional Wall Effects
  • Critical Mach Number, Behavior of Isentropic Flow in Quasi-1D
  • Propagation of Disturbances By a Moving Object, Linearized Compressible Potential Flow Governing Equation
  • Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Waves, Computational Methods for the Euler Equations
Simply click the link below to download Aerodynamics lecture notes, summary, exam review in PDF format.