Aircraft performance flight simulation lab - solved experiments - PDF Download


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Feb 8, 2019
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Hi Friends,

I am sharing some solved experiments for the Aircraft performance flight simulation lab, taught mostly to students having Aerospace engineering as a major. The topics covered in this PDF are as per the curriculum in most universities across the US.

The objectives of the attached lab experiments are:
  • Take off and fly basic maneuvers using the flight simulator, and describe the relationships between the control yoke and the control surface movements on the aircraft.
  • Describe pitch - airspeed - vertical speed relationships in gliding performance.
  • Explain the difference between indicated and true airspeed.
  • Record and plot airspeed and vertical speed data from steady-state flight conditions.
  • Derive lift and drag coefficients based on empirical aircraft performance data.
Simply click the link below to download Aircraft performance flight simulation lab - solved experiments in PDF format.