Business Law in EU Summary & Exam Revision Notes - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Free PDF Download


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Feb 4, 2019
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Hello, I am sharing exam revision notes and summary for the course - Business Law as per Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. These PDF notes will give you a quick revision of the course and help you get better grades with less studies.

Topics & Chapters covered in Business Law Summary & Exam Revision Notes PDF File:
  • Chapter 1 The regulatory environment
  • Chapter 2 The Netherlands
  • Chapter 3 The European Union
  • Chapter 4 Property Law
  • Chapter 5 Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 6 Contracts
  • Chapter 7 Legal Forms
  • Chapter 8 Sales and Services Contracts
  • Chapter 9 Marketing
  • Chapter 10 Regulatory Services
You can easily download this course summary and exam revision notes on Business Laws in EU by clicking the link below for free.