Corporate Finance by Berk-Demarzo - book summary, revision notes free PDF download (chapters 1-12)


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Feb 4, 2019
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Hello, I am sharing the book summary and exam revision notes for the book - Corporate Finance by Jonathan Berk and Peter Demarzo. This book is taught in various management courses like MBA, Business reporting & analysis, business studies, business management etc.

These brief summaries and revision notes will help you to quickly cover the course and get a better grade in exams.

List of topics/chapters covered in Corporate Finance by Berk-Demarzo - Book Summary & Exam Revision Notes:
  • Chapter 1: The corporation
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to financial statement analysis
  • Chapter 3: Arbitrage and financial decision making
  • Chapter 4: The time value of money
  • Chapter 5: Interest Rates
  • Chapter 6: Investment Decision Rules
  • Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting (cal. Free Cash Flows)
  • Chapter 8: Valuing Bonds
  • Chapter 9: Valuing Stocks – only theorie – Pricing of stocks
  • Chapter 10: Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk – Cost of Capital
  • Chapter 11: Optimal Portfolio Choice and the Capital Asset Pricing Model – Cost of Capital
  • Chapter 12: Estimating the Cost of Capital
You can easily download Corporate Finance by Jonathan Berk and Peter Demarzo - Book Summary & Exam Revision Notes for FREE by clicking the link below.


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