Environmental Engineering II Notes/Summary for Civil Engineering Seniors at Bachelor of Science in US - Free PDF Download


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Feb 9, 2018
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Hello to all BS Sophomores having Civil Engineering as Major,

I am sharing super helpful classroom lecture notes eBook in PDF format on the subject - Environmental Engineering II. The subject Environmental Engineering II is mostly taught to Senior year students in Bachelor of Science course having Civil engineering major at American Universities.

I have uploaded these classroom lecture notes and book summary on Environmental Engineering II in PDF format for easy downloading below. Here is more info on it:

Subject Name: Environmental Engineering II
Course: Civil Engineering Major for Seniors at Bachelor of Science as per US University curriculum
No. of Pages: 213

Topics covered in Environmental Engineering II lecture notes eBook:
  • UNIT – 1: INTRODUCTION: Necessity for sanitation, methods of domestic waste water disposal, types of sewerage systems and their suitability. Dry weather flow, Computation of design flow, rational method and empirical formulae of design of storm water drain. Time of concentration.
  • UNIT – 2: DESIGN OF SEWERS: Hydraulic formulae for velocity, effects of flow variations on velocity, self cleansing and non scouring velocities, Design of hydraulic elements for circular sewers flowing full and flowing partially full (No derivations). MATERIALS OF SEWERS
  • UNIT – 3: SEWER APPURTENANCES: Catch basins, manholes, flushing tanks, oil and grease traps, Drainage traps. Basic principles of house drainage.
  • UNIT – 4: WASTE WATER CHARACTERIZATION: Sampling, significance, techniques and frequency. Physical, Chemical and Biological characteristics, Aerobic and Anaerobic activity, CNS cycles. BOD and COD.
  • UNIT – 5: DISPOSAL OF EFFLUENTS: Disposal of Effluents by dilution, Oxygen sag curve, Zones of purification, Sewage farming, sewage sickness, Effluent Disposal standards for land, surface water & ocean. Streeter Phelps equation.
  • UNIT – 6: TREATMENT OF WASTE WATER: Flow diagram of municipal waste water treatment plant. Preliminary & Primary treatment: Screening, grit chambers, skimming tanks, primary sedimentation tanks – Design criteria & Design examples
  • UNIT – 7: SECONDARY TREATMENT: Suspended growth and fixed film bio-process. Trickling filter – theory and operation, types and designs. Activated sludge process- Principle and flow diagram, Modifications of ASP, F/M ratio. Design of ASP.
  • UNIT – 8: Anaerobic Sludge digestion, Sludge digestion tanks, Design of Sludge drying beds. Septic tank, Oxidation Pond and Oxidation ditches – Design.
You can download the handwritten lecture notes eBook for Environmental Engineering 2 for Civil Engineering Seniors at Bachelor of Science (Engineering) at US university by clicking the link below. Cheers!


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