Pavement Materials and Construction Notes/Summary for Civil Engineering Seniors at Bachelor of Science in US - Free PDF Download


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Feb 9, 2018
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Hello to all BS Sophomores having Civil Engineering as Major,

I am sharing super helpful classroom lecture notes eBook in PDF format on the subject - Pavement Materials and Construction. The subject Pavement Materials and Construction is mostly taught to Senior year students in Bachelor of Science course having Civil engineering major at American Universities.

I have uploaded these classroom lecture notes and book summary on Pavement Materials and Construction in PDF format for easy downloading below. Here is more info on it:

Subject Name: Pavement Materials and Construction
Civil Engineering Major for Seniors at Bachelor of Science as per US University curriculum
No. of Pages in this notes eBook: 118

Topics covered in Pavement Materials and Construction lecture notes eBook:
  • AGGREGATES: Origin, classification, requirements, properties and tests on road aggregates, concepts of size and gradation - design gradation, maximum aggregate size, aggregate blending by different methods to meet specification.
  • BITUMEN AND TAR: Origin, preparation, properties and chemical constitution of bituminous road binders; requirements.
  • BITUMINOUS EMULSIONS AND CUTBACKS: Preparation, characteristics, uses and tests. Adhesion of Bituminous Binders to Road Aggregates: Adhesion failure, mechanism of stripping, tests and methods of improving adhesion.
You can download the handwritten lecture notes eBook for Pavement Materials and Construction for Civil Engineering Seniors at Bachelor of Science (Engineering) at US university by clicking the link below. Cheers!


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