Principles of Macroeconomics by Mankiw book summary & notes free PDF download (all chapters)


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Feb 8, 2019
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Hello university students,

My name is Roger and here I am sharing awesome Book Summary, lecture notes and exam review document for the textbook - Principles of Macroeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw, taught mostly to students undergoing business and management courses.

This book summary for the textbook Principles of Macroeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw will help you revise the key topics quickly and get better grades in university exams. This Macroeconomics textbook by N. Gregory Mankiw is followed in most universities across the US.

List of key topics covered in the summary, notes and exam review of Principles of Macroeconomics by N. Gregory Mankiw:
  • Ten Principles of Economics, Thinking Like an Economist
  • Interdependence and the Gains from Trade
  • The Market Forces of Supply and Demand, Elasticity and Its Application
  • Supply, Demand, and Government Policies
  • Consumers, Producers and Efficiency of Markets
  • Application: The Cost of Taxation, Application: International Trade
  • Measuring A Nation's Income, Measuring the Cost of Living
  • Production and Growth, Saving, Investment and the Financial System
  • The Basic Tools of Finance, Unemployment, Monetary System
  • Money Growth and Inflation, Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Basic Concepts
  • A Macroeconomics Theory of the Open Economy, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
  • The Influence of Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy on Aggregate Demand
  • The Short-Run Trade-Off between Inflation and Unemployment
  • Six Debates Over Macroeconomics Policy
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