Bachelor of Science - Freshman Year US (Engineering) Free Lecture Notes, Sumamries, Book Solutions & eBooks PDF Download


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Feb 23, 2018
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Hello Bachelor of Science Students!

Here is a complete collection of lecture notes & eBooks for Freshman-year BS students of all the majors and specializations. All these notes/eBooks, summaries and solutions will help you study and prepare well for your university exams. These notes present the topics in easy and concise manner and are suitable for almost any American University Bachelor of Science course curriculum.

List of notes, summaries, book solutions and eBooks for Bachelor of Science Freshman Year students in US:
We keep updating these Bachelor of Science (engineering) freshman-year notes on this website from time to time and will add the links here as we go along.

Please feel free to post any specific request below. Our team our several seniors on this website will be glad to help you out with your requirement of notes.

Happy studying!
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